Links of Interest

NAHB Business Management Tools
This web site contains articles, web pages, books and other resources developed by and for contractors for NAHB members.

Member Advantage
This website shows you how you can save money with NAHB discounts for members.

IRS Guide to Construction Industry Audits
Here is the latest audit technique for the construction industry. While no one wants to be audited by the IRS, knowing what they look at and the records that need to be available is an important tool for a construction firm, or your accountants, to have on hand. The link below takes you to the latest update (May 2009) of the manual the IRS uses to audit companies in the construction business.

NAHB YouTube
NAHB now has its own page on the popular video sharing website, YouTube.


Heath Reform Information

This website provides the latest information on the new health care reform bill. 


IRS Small Business & Self Employed Tax Center


Construction Tax Center


IRS Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop


IRS Video Portal Learn about tax topics thru audio and visual presentations.


Changing Trends in Remodeling


Edible Landscaping