2017 Membership Directory

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Electronic Membership Directory

Click here to Download the 2017 Membership Directory



Instructions: To save on your computer, click on the link above to download.  Once the link opens you will see an “arrow pointing down with a line underneath”   in the upper right hand corner. Click this button to  download then  determine the location you would like to save the directory on  your computer.    Once you’ve selected a location, simply hit save.  I would suggest also creating a shortcut and saving on your desktop for easy access.    If you wish to print the directory make sure you have chosen Booklet Style in your printing options. If you want to save on your smart phone, Iphone users: From your phone, go to the App store and search for iBooks (free) and install on your phone. Then download the file – this may take a few minutes and once that is complete you should be able to open in iBooks by clicking on the icon at the top right corner. Your HBA membership directory will always be there for use. Android Users: You can download directly from the the link above and access from “my files” You can also install eBooks from the play store.